Bio-Cellular Design Aeronautics, Africa (“BDA, Africa”) is an aviation and aeronautics company that designs, develop and manufactures cutting edge biologically inspired evolutionary intelligent machines that are environmentally and economically viable.

BDA aims to establish itself as a key integrator within the African and Middle Eastern UAV landscape, becoming the first designer and manufacturer of UAVs in Morocco with a focus on developing and integrating unmanned systems for Military, Government and Commercial clients.

BDA, Africa offers a set of fully configured high standard semi-autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (long, mid and short ranges; Tier I, Tier II, Tier III and VTOL) for civil/ commercial and military applications, fully manufactured and controlled in its Moroccan facilities. Those systems provide real-time intelligence gathering, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR), and communication capabilities over land and sea in a variety of climates and environmental conditions. BDA, Africa UAV’s offer multi-mission performance in a single flight, as well as long endurance. They can either be rail launched and net/parachute recovered, allowing the UAV to operate from forward field sites or off ships or be fitted with landing gear to operate off of runways.

BDA Africa provide tailored systems for customers, with flexible service models from system delivery, training and field service support to turnkey flight operations as a service.

BDA, Africa is dedicated to pushing the envelope when it comes to evolutionary flight designs. To reinforce and maintain our position as a key industry player, we rely on the immense talent of our employees. We believe BDA, Africa success is born from the contributions of each person, and we seek diverse individuals who bring rich experience, skill, talent and perspective to our team. The team consists of highly experienced engineers, technicians and developers who are uncompromising in their work and methodology, dedicated in developing reliable highly optimized economically viable evolutionary aeronautical designs which meet or exceed our customer’s current and future demands.




BDA, Africa offers a set of fully configured semi-autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that meet the needs of customers, in term of quality and performance, cost and operational flexibility.

Homeland Security

Homeland Security uses for UAVs can be broken down a diverse field of subcategories. Six main applications are selected.


The usage of UAV’s in military based operations has unlocked new markets beyond military requirements for diverse civil and commercial applications operated by a wide range of public service agencies.


The company is investing in R&D capabilities to ensure durability and evolution of its technology, to constantly meet the needs of customers through new products and new technologies.
It’s establishing and appropriately resourcing an in-house R&D structure as a catalyst for speeding up the growth of the organization by way of providing evolutionary product enhancements and introducing breakthrough products in the market while contributing to sustainability of the business.




BDA, Africa finalized a partnership with  “La Fondation de Recherche, de Développement et d’Innovation en Sciences et Ingénierie”  (FRDISI)


We offer incredible opportunities to unique talents to create their own success stories. Working at BDA, Africa is to be part of a great inspiring team, where each person is developing and contributing to the group success through his or her core skills.

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