The company is investing in R&D capabilities to ensure durability and evolution of its technology, to constantly meet the needs of customers through new products and new technologies.

It’s establishing and appropriately resourcing an in-house R&D structure as a catalyst for speeding up the growth of the organization by way of providing evolutionary product enhancements and introducing breakthrough products in the market while contributing to sustainability of the business.

And most importantly, the company is engaging, at various levels in long term proactive and strategic partnership with local and external recognized academic institutions and universities to promote research and innovation.

The company has finalized a partnership with « La Fondation de Recherche, de Développement et d’Innovation en Sciences et Ingénierie » (FRDISI), to promote research, development and innovation in Morocco, in the context of strengthening the public-private partnership (PPP).

Several projects are currently under development, at different stages of maturity. The most promising ones are:

Entomon UAV


Hydrogen Rockets