Advanced unmanned aircraft utilizing newly combined applications of existing and emerging technologies which encompasses our patented smart wing technology with alternative sources of clean renewable energy, vertical take-off and landing capabilities, advance propulsion concepts, advance rotor innovations, improved aerodynamic structures, embedded damage monitoring, damage stasis, modular design, internal regenerating power sources, smart flight concept which utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to morph flight characteristics to be as aerodynamic as possible in meeting flight profile


Maximum Gross Weight 35.0 kg
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 19.1 kg
Maximum Fuel Weight 12.0 kg
Payload 4.0 kg
Range 1500 Km
Flight Time 15.0 hr

Max Power 2.6 KW
Service Ceiling 17,000 ft (5180 m)
Stall Speed 65 Km/h
Maximum Speed 146 Km/h
Mission speed 120 Km/h
Maximum climb rate 1.0 m/s