The MA-1 is designed as a low cost compact Class-2 portable UAV system which provides real-time intelligence gathering, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR), and communication capabilities. The MA-1 is capable of autonomous launch and recovery, and can be operated without extensive training. It can carry tailorable payloads and offer exceptional endurance.

The MA-1 can either be rail launched and net/parachute recovered, allowing the UAV to operate from forward field sites or off ships or be fitted with landing gear to operate off of runways.

The MA-1 utilizes a US built FAA certified multi-fuel engine equipped with acoustic suppression and a low noise propeller (76 db) making it virtually undetectable in flight. The engine  has demonstrated significantly lower operations costs and failure rates while maintaining mission readiness rates in excess of 95 percent while operating in Afghanistan.

The MA-1 rapid change modular payload design allows for a wide range of specialized tailored missions.


3.0m wingspan
Rail launched, parachute or net recovery
Landing gear option for runway operations
Cruise speed 90 km/h (49 kts)
Loiter speed 60 km/h (32 kts)
MTOW of 30 kg, with payload of 6 kg
Max endurance of 12 hours

Service ceiling 15,764 ft
Long-range telemetry link 100 km
Long-range data (HD video) link 100 km
Optional SATCOM links
Modular day, night, or geophysics payload solutions
designed to integrate with an intuitive
command and control system