BDA, Africa manufactures a set of professional performance unmanned vehicle components and control systems which are integrated in the aircraft and assembled within production lines. The company serves as a manufacturer of platforms for partners, reliably supplying their facilities with a set of high standard hardwares.
All these products are highly scalable and suitable for a wide variety of users, from amateur drones with basic configuration to high performance UAVs for professional applications.
Our products are highly customizable for matching most demanding requirements on the industry.

Our professional components include


The Veronte Autopilot is designed to control any unmanned vehicles.

Autopilot Kits

The Veronte Autopilot Integration kit is the perfect solution for professionals wishing to perform their first Veronte Autopilot integration

Redundant Autopilots

Redundant Veronte Autopilot is a triple redundant version of the Veronte Autopilot.